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Clip-in Bangs


Instantly transform your look with our Instant Clip-In Bangs extension. Made from 100% Virgin human hair, It securely clips in and out in seconds without causing damage to your hair. This clip in bang is great for those that fancy a fringe but are scared to go for the big chop. Don't chop it, instead just clip it in! Perfect for bad hair days or days when you desire something different. 

Clip-in Bangs

£49.99 Regular Price
£39.99Sale Price
  • You can get creative using your hot tools to acheive the look you desire with this Clip-In Bangs. You can curl, wash, perm and colour this hair just like your own hair. An easy to use clip-in fringe that will transform your hair style instantly Note: This piece comes with 3 clips around the base for securing to your hair, just part your hair and simply clip into the top of your hair for an instant bang.
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