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Protective Hair Storage Bag with Hanger
We are proud to introduce to you our Protective Hair Storage Bag. Now you can store your beautiful EBRH extensions in style, while keeping them completely safe, secure away from dust. 

We often toss our hair extensions in a drawer, bag, under the bed or some place random allowing them to either become tangled or collect dust when they are not in use. This bag has been designed for the ultimate protection, preservation and storage of your hair extensions.


Protective Hair Storage Bag with Hanger

  • Our protective hair storage bag is ideal for storing your clip-ins, weft extensions and also your wigs. It is great for those always on the go as you can securely and discretely transport your extensions. Traveling with your extensions has never been so luxurious. This bag comes with a hanger, which can also be used for ease of styling. Hanging your extensions from the delicately designed hanger prevents tangling and preserves the style. There are different types of hangers to choose from such as the stylish wooden clamp hanger and the softly padded satin hanger with clips. The bag has a zipped transparent front allowing you to see your extensions inside the storage bag; this is great for showcasing your extensions for the stylists out there. Dimensions: - Bag - 12" W x 23.5" L - Hanger - 10" W Features: - Zipped transparent front - Light weight and discrete - Can be folded/ rolled up - Hanger can be used for styling
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