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Straight Virgin Peruvian Hair
Our Straight Peruvian hair is very sleek and luxurious but is still full of body and volume. It is lightweight with a natural medium/ high lustre. Our Peruvian hair has a soft and smooth texture that blends very easily with many different hair types including African- American, and Caucasian hair textures. This hair is very versatile, it is great for sleek and straight styles. If you're looking for a sleek and professional look during the day and a sassy style for the night, then this hair will be great for you. You'll get heads turning with this hair.

Straight Virgin Peruvian Hair

  • STYLING : The styling choices are endless for this hair. Use a straightening iron to get the bone straight sleek look, or try a curling wand or flexi rod if you want to change your look to a more voluminous, bouncy and glamorous look. To keep this hair looking and feeling beautiful, we recommend you wash and condition it once a week, in addition to wrapping it with a silk scalf at night. Note: A minimum of 3 bundles is recommended for a full head of weave depending on the lengths and the desired volume. This hair comes in natural colours such as colour 1B and colour 2. For other colours, visit our Hair Colouring Service page. Each bundle weighs 100g or more.
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