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Wavy Virgin Brazilian Lace Top Closure
Our Brazilian Lace Top Closures are made with 100% virgin hair. The Top Closure is the final piece to complement a hair extension installation. They are ideal to close a full head sew-in with a natural and flawless finish, whilst protecting your natural hair.

Wavy Virgin Brazilian Lace Top Closure

  • Our Top Closures contain baby hair in the front so it imitates the look of your natural hairline. The Top Closures are very easy to style and maintain. The base is made of French lace, which allows your scalp to breathe and is ideal if you are looking for a more realistic and snug fit. The Closures are placed on the crown area of your head to blend right in with your hair extensions and are suitable for all hairstyles. It’s available in ‘free part’ which can be styled and parted in any direction and also comes in ‘middle part’ which comes with a clean and defined parting in the center and can be positioned anywhere on the head. Note: The Top Closure is available in medium density and in dimensions such as 4” x 4”. The closures can be colored, washed, tonged, straightened and are reusable.
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